Are you tired of the endless cycle of planning, meal prepping, and cleaning up to create a delicious meal for one? Are you looking for healthier and more exciting options for lunch at work? Look no further than FoodSt's Ready Meals for One ‚Äď the ultimate solution to your culinary woes. Our complete meals not only save you from the hassle of kitchen chores but also offer an exceptional foodie experience that beats takeaway and adds excitement beyond the realm of ordinary sandwiches.

Picture this: no more meticulous planning, no more tedious meal prepping, and definitely no more post-meal cleanup. With FoodSt, you get the luxury of enjoying gourmet-quality, home-cooked meals without lifting a finger in the kitchen. 




Ready Meals for One Collection

Our Ready Meals for One aren't just a convenient option; they're a culinary adventure waiting to unfold. Tease your coworkers with the delicious smells of home-cooked meals heating in the microwave; whether it's a bowl of Handmade Gnocchior the exotic flavours of an Asian noodle stir-fry‚ÄĒall without the need to plan, prep, or clean. These meals are not just a solution; they're a celebration of great taste, convenience and variety.

Make lunch or dinner exciting again with FoodSt. Elevate your solo dining experience, enjoy the luxury of not having to plan, prep, or clean, and relish meals that surpass takeout and go beyond the ordinary sandwich routine. Order now and treat yourself to a culinary journey that's hassle-free, delightful, and downright delicious!


Each meal is carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients and made to traditional family recipes, with a lot of love and care by our individual home cooks. We don't mass produce at FoodSt! FoodSt prepared meals are delicious and nutritious and the next best thing to cooking for yourself.

You can simply order your FoodSt Ready Meals, take them to work and reheat in the microwave for a nutritious and delicious convenient lunch. Say goodbye to cooking woes and hello to hassle-free dining with FoodSt's incredible range of complete meals.