Homemade Asian Food Delivered

Delicious and fragrant Asian meals are not that far away. FoodSt curates a range of frozen Asian food made by talented home cooks that can be delivered to your door. Asian cuisine is filled with many mouth-watering flavours and fragrant spices. Buy your favourite dumplings, noodle soup, Southeast Asian curries, and skewers that have all been traditionally prepared with love in the kitchens of our passionate home cooks.



Intergenerational Recipes from Across the Continent

With so many cultures and influences from trading across Asia, there are so many meals in our Asian meal delivery service that we have to offer. Choose from Chinese dumplings that symbolise wealth and prosperity, aromatic Balinese sweet and spiced skewers, or warm hearty chicken curries from Malaysia. Sampling from our menu for authentic Asian meal delivery lets you take a journey of taste and flavour, even while you stay at home.

Ordering your Asian food delivery is easy. Simply stock up on your favourite Asian food, then choose a date to get it delivered to your door. On arrival, just follow the instructions to heat up your food for a delicious traditional Asian lunch or dinner, or hide away your dishes for a nourishing and tasty meal on a busy day.

Asian Home Cooking You'd Love to Share

Share plates are standard in Asian cultures. Thoroughly enjoy and experience dim sim and other Chinese food with a yum cha night you can host at home. Eat tastily steamed, boiled or fried on the bottom dumplings - either as a snack, a side or a meal on their own. Then complete the experience with your favourite blend of green tea and dipping sauce!

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