Meal Delivery For New Parents, Mums & Dads

If you're on the hunt for the most thoughtful gift for new parents, look no further than FoodSt New Parent Bundles. The weeks and months after baby arrives can be a rollercoaster of love, sleepless nights and new routines.

Our curated bundles support New Parents and Mums with nutritious, convenient and delicious home cooked meals, so they can spend more time adoring their gorgeous new baby, and less time in the kitchen.

New Mum's and parents will love receiving FoodSt meals as a gift. They are pre-cooked and frozen, which makes reheating them a breeze, no matter the time of day or night!

Or if you prefer you can give them the gift of choice with a FoodSt dinner voucher here.

Choose from our meal bundles

Our Meal Bundles are designed to make life easier for new Parents at a time when nutrition is paramount and time is scarce.

What better comfort for a tired Mum or Dad than having delicious, wholesome homemade meals ready to heat and eat at their fingertips.

FoodSt meals in the freezer means dinner, lunch and those late night feeds just became more nutritious.

The perfect gift for new parents

The golden rule of visiting new parents is never turn up empty handed and with our gift boxes you can send over a loving knock on the door from near or far. Not sure they love the selected meals? Send them an equivalent gift card instead.

The Cooks Behind our Meals

At FoodSt we're passionate about enriching lives through the goodness of our home-cooked meals. Not only do we offer delicious foods that are delivered, but we also offer talented cooks the opportunity to earn an income by sharing their best meals.

We've enabled many stay-at-home Mum's like Michelle here, to earn a living through cooking their family meals. They cook meals for you just they way they do for their own family.

Michelle’s a new Mum too, and knows all too well what's it like being a new parent.

Michelle uses seasonal, organic or free range ingredients to create delicious and nutritious food.

Supporting new parent's in the first few weeks

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion, but it also brings along a whirlwind of responsibilities and sleepless nights. Supporting parents with a freezer full of meals may just be the most practical gift you can provide, it's a game changer!

FoodSt meals are designed to make life easier for expectant parents embarking on this beautiful journey. As you navigate the whirlwind of parenthood, our delicious meals are here to provide comfort, convenience, and nourishment when you need it the most.

FoodSt meals are made from scratch, with no added preservatives by our community of accredited home-cooks. All meals are made to authentic family recipes and frozen, before being delivered to your door.

Great Gift Ideas

Searching for the great gift ideas? Look no further! Discover the best gifts and ultimate solutions with our range of meal vouchers, dinner vouchers, new mum hampers and meal boxes filled with premade frozen meals delivered right to their doorstep. Whether you're looking for a Baby Shower Gift or a Gift for when the baby is born, the gift of a freezer full of nourishing home cooked meals is always appreciated.

Dinner Voucher vs Meal Boxes

A Gift Voucher really is the gift of choice, allowing your loved ones to select meals that they would like. Whereas, our Meal Bundles, New Mum Care Package and New Parent Meal Bundlehave meals that have been carefully curated by our team.

New Mum Gifts

At FoodSt, we understand the importance of treasuring precious moments with your little one, which is why we've taken the hassle out of cooking! Our community of cooks are here to stock your freezer with their best family meals. From hearty family classics to modern delights, each dish is a testament to our commitment to quality and care.

Whether you're seeking a thoughtful gift for loved ones or embarking on this adventure yourself, our meals truly nourish and support. With's selection of meals, new parents can enjoy delicious and nutritious dining without the hassle of cooking.