Terms and Conditions - Brief

The Low Down…

We are delighted that you have chosen to purchase our fresh, tasty and high-quality meals at FoodSt. Rather than weigh you down with lots of words at this stage, we thought it may be more useful to summarise what we do and how we sell our tasty meals to you. If you are interested in the nitty-gritty, don’t worry! We also have provided the long version of our Terms and Conditions for you here.

What Does FoodSt Do?

FoodSt brings together skilled and vetted home cooks (Cooks) together with customers (youor your) who wish to purchase tasty home cooked food (our Meals). FoodSt does not cook the food itself, but facilitates the transaction between you and our Cooks for delivery to your home at a time that suits you.

Our Terms – The Brief Version

  • Because our Cooks independently decide what they prepare and when they prepare it, our Meal offerings change often and are subject to availability. It’s rare, but if your purchased Meal is not available then we will give you a credit to use on your next purchase.

  • While FoodSt makes every effort to ensure that our Cooks use the highest standards of hygiene and quality of ingredients FoodSt cannot be responsible for the quality of the Meals. Additionally, the Meals are frozen by FoodSt upon delivery to our facilities, and we cannot be held responsible for what happens to the Meals once they have been picked up by our delivery partner for delivery to you.

  • FoodSt cannot make any promises about the absence of allergens, animal products and nuts and so we do NOT recommend any of our Meals if you have, or are at risk, of food intolerances (such as lactose intolerance) or allergies, (such as coeliac disease).

  • FoodSt’s prices are as advertised on our Website. Our pricing can change without notice (although this would not affect any sales already made at previous prices).

  • The minimum order that you can make on our website is $70. To see all of our delivery info and charges click here.

  • Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal and Google Pay at the time of placing an order on our website. Your card or account will be debited when FoodSt confirms your order.

  • FoodSt will arrange for the contactless delivery of your Meals during the delivery time slot you have selected.. You will receive a text message with a tracking link from our delivery partner the night before your delivery and then another text confirmation that your food has been delivered. While every effort is made to meet this delivery time, occasionally our drivers are not able to deliver your Meals on time. FoodSt cannot be responsible for any early or late deliveries although your Meals should be OK to leave outside for a couple of hours (depending on environmental factors like the temperature & sunlight etc) as they are packaged in insulated boxes and with ice packs. At the time you place your order, please ensure that you provide instructions to the driver in case your delivery is made when you are not at home.

  • While these terms are certainly shorter than the real thing, it is no replacement for it. By creating an account and/or placing an order, you are saying that you agree with all our terms. So it’s still important to read and agree to them here.