Homemade Vegetarian Meals Delivered

Tasty, healthy vegetarian meals are around the corner. We have a growing community of local home cooks at FoodSt who love making healthy vegetarian meals - exclusively, or with other types of dishes from their favoured cuisine. Have vegetarian meals delivered to your doorstep, from across different countries and cultures. There’s always something new cooking in their kitchen that’s sure to become your next favourite.



Healthy Vegetarian Meals Made with Love

Our vegetarian meal delivery service empowers a community of local home cooks to cook the dishes they love. When you choose healthy vegetarian meals delivered to you from FoodSt, you also get to share in the joy and flavours of vegetarian and plant-based meals made by a community that understands what good vegetarian food should look and taste like.


Eating nutritional vegetarian food hasn't always been simple. FoodSt vegetarian dinners make every day eating more delicious and convenient- especially for those days when you want a good meal without doing all the hard work yourself. Our home cooks can instead do the work for you. Having already mastered traditional authentic vegetarian recipes from their homeland, or experimented with new flavours - every dish they make is a delight. With all the choices in the range of plant-based meals they make from their kitchen, you’ll be able to take more nights off!


At FoodSt, choose and eat vegetarian lunches, dinners and desserts. Enjoy variety; the 'spice of life' with vegetarian empanadas, pasta, stir-fries, curry, pipes, couscous, dumplings and more. Made from locally sourced ingredients! As there’s so much delicious food in our collection, there’s really something to enjoy for everyone. You’ll want to share it with a friend.


Love Vegetarian Food? Join other passionate vegetarians that love eating delicious, nutritional vegetarian meals with a membership to our Supper club