Meals for One Delivered

FoodSt's meal delivery service for one person is perfectly portioned to provide a complete, nourishing meal in a single serving. You can order comforting slow-cooked meals full of flavour, hearty pot pies to keep you warm or lighter, fragrant dishes for the summer. So who's ready for a great night in?


Meals for 1

Maurice's Moussaka from $19.50
Maurice's Lasagne from $19.50

Meals Home Cooked With Love For You

Experience the tastes and flavours of good honest home cooking from home cooks who love to cook. FoodSt has partnered with home cooks who consistently put a high quality of passion and care into their food. It s what makes our service, dedicated to getting meals for one delivered, different from many others. Expect no additives or preservatives. Everything is made with love and the highest quality ingredients for hearty, healthy meals that are so good - you wouldn't want to share .

Tasty Meals from Different Cultures

Our meal delivery service for one is the perfect way to sample different foods from across the world, with prepared meals from Italian, Indian, Mexican, French, Asian, African, American, European and Australian cuisine. Straight from the home kitchens of people who love to cook, you can discover your next new favourite dish . Maybe instead, re-experience great-tasting classics you can't find anywhere else.

Simply Heat & Eat

Getting meals for one delivered to your door is always so convenient with FoodSt's homemade meal marketplace. Just select what's on the menu and fill your cart, then choose a food delivery date to get all your single meals delivered. Once it arrives, it's almost ready to eat! Just follow the instructions to re-heat and prepare your food, and then you're ready to tuck in!

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