Nutritious and Nourishing Meal Delivery in Wollongong

Healthy home cooked comforts don’t always mean wasting a lot of time chopping, prepping or cooking.

Our curated marketplace for meal delivery in Wollongong brings to you nourishing and nutritious home cooking, made by passionate home cooks who love sharing their food with the community.

We make nourishing and nutritious home cooking simple! By sending lovingly prepared meals to your door.

Why FoodSt?

“A Wide Range You Can’t Get Anywhere Else”

Sometimes, all we want to eat…is the food we want to eat. Home Cooked and nutritious, without supermarket ready made meal preservatives or additives, and made by someone who has made the recipe already - many many times before.

Our passionate home cooks are the stars of the kitchen. Cooking with fresh high-quality ingredients, and with the kind of attention that comes from the love and joy of home cooking. The type when you’re cooking something ‘just because.’

That’s what makes FoodSt such a special place to shop at when you’re looking to stock up on lunches, dinners, sides and desserts from across different cultures for your meal delivery in Wollongong NSW.

From Home Cooks, Who Just Love Cooking

On top of the comforts and nourishment of good honest home cooking, there’s nothing quite like receiving a meal from someone you know.

Why not read more about our talented home cooks, and how they’ve come to join FoodSt? There’s nothing like a ready-made meal in Wollongong cooked for you.

Food sometimes just tastes better when you know the stories of the mind and hands of the people who prepare it, and our passionate home cooks have great insights and tales to tell.

Delicious meals! The only meal delivery I'd recommend in Wollongong

Sarah - Dombarton

1. Stock up on Ready-made Meals

Our pre-made meals in Wollongong are just the thing when it comes to prepping for weekday meals, delicious sides, and all-in-one lunches and dinners.

Shopping is easy with our menu filter. So that you can choose between different types of cuisine, your preferred protein (if any), healthy food options, and meals to suit special dietary requirements.

You can also purchase by portion size, by shopping for meals for 1, meals for 2 and family-sized portions. If you don’t know where to start, a great place is our best sellers.

2. Choose a Day Convenient to You

After filling your basket, you can choose a day of delivery to receive your healthy meals delivered meals in Wollongong.

Select a day delivery or overnight delivery if you’re unsure if you can be at home all day. Then you can sit back and expect your meal delivery in Wollongong to your front door.

3. Simply Heat & Eat!

Once you collect your readymade meal packages, it’s easy to heat them up on a stove, microwave or in the oven to enjoy. Just follow the simple instructions to have your next meal time sorted!

Gifts for the person who has everything

When you’re shopping for presents, the one that can be surprisingly hard to shop for is for the friend or family member who has everything.

FoodSt gift cards and vouchers are always appreciated. Give your loved ones the opportunity to purchase for themselves the dishes they love and prefer.

Become a Supper Club Member

For the best experience of FoodSt we recommend becoming a member of our Supper Club. Membership brings you lots of perks such as exclusive members’ only gifts, benefits and best of all - free delivery over $150!

Register today to enter a monthly contract for our pre-made meal delivery service and cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We make our meal deliveries in Wollongong, Southern Highlands and the South Coast weekly between Tuesday and Saturday, between 8 am and 6 pm.

We deliver to the following postcodes: 2527, 2515, 2530, 2519, 2528, 2518, 2506, 2529, 2533, 2516, 2508, 2500, 2526, 2502, 2525, 2505, 2517, 2520, 2575, 2574, 2571, 2576, 2572, 2573, 2577, 2578, 2579, 2534, 2535, 2538, 2539, 2540, 2541.

If your postcode isn’t listed, please contact us at and we can see if we can do something for you. Find out more about our deliveries with our Delivery FAQs.

Unfortunately, free delivery is only a perk for Supper Club Members spending over $150.

We offer a flat rate for meal deliveries in Wollongong and members save up to 50% on these.

It’s simple to become a member, however. As a member, you don’t only get free delivery but many exclusive members’ only perks, gifts and benefits. Sign up to start enjoying free delivery on all your orders today!

You won’t be able to choose the time of the delivery, but you can choose the day of.

Unfortunately, we can only do day deliveries (8 am - 6 pm) for the Wollongong area. We package all our homemade meal deliveries in Wollongong in insulated boxes to help your goods stay chilled for a little while, while outdoors.

We source all our meals from our star home cooks that we have partnered up with. They decide what’s cooking, and cook up their delicious dishes in their home kitchen. They then bring their food into us, where we freshly freeze and package their meals, then sort it out for delivery for you.

When it comes to food, there’s often nothing better than a home-cooked meal made with lots of love. That’s why FoodSt is all about empowering our growing community of passionate local home cooks. We give them a platform and support for getting out their delicious cuisine, and they decide what to cook. They’re the stars of the show, and our home cooks always put lots of love, passion and high quality ingredients in every meal they cook in their kitchen.

Not at all! But it sure helps.

Becoming a Supper Club member gives you free deliveries on your orders. While it costs $15 a month, it’s also $15 that you can put towards your order each night. Essentially cutting away costs if you’re looking to shop more regularly with us!

But you definitely don’t need to become a member to start stocking up on delicious new cuisine or your old favourites.

Sign up today to start enjoying your meal deliveries in Wollongong without delivery costs!