Welcome to the FoodSt Supper Club, come and take a seat at our table.

Our Supper Club Membership was designed with our loyal customers in mind, offering exclusive benefits that go beyond our regular service.

At the same time, by becoming a Supper Club Member, you will directly contribute to providing our Cooks with consistent and meaningful work, supporting them to continue cooking and earning an income for their families. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you love what we do, and plan to order in the future, this Membership was designed for you!

We’re excited for you to become a member and take a seat at our table!  

Here's a little bit more about our Supper Club we think you'll love!

FREE delivery on any order over $150, and discounted delivery for orders under $150

🚚 Next-day delivery across Sydney Metro available!

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$15 per month

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Terms & Condition's

Welcome to the FoodSt Supper Club!

When you sign up for a Food St Supper Club Membership the terms and conditions below, as well as the “Terms of Use – Buyers” form a binding agreement between you, as a (better known as a “Member”) and us, FoodSt.

1. We will debit the following $15 payment via the credit card or PayPal account you signed up with every 30 days (“Payment”) 
2. When you make this Payment to us, the amount is credited to your FoodSt Store account, typically within 24 hours of payment being processed by us (“FoodSt Member Credit”).
3. You can then spend the FoodSt Member Credit in your store account on orders across all FoodSt products where we make this available to you. Please note: the Food St Member Credit can’t be used in conjunction with other offers.
4. By opening a FoodSt Supper Club Membership you are also entitled to free unlimited delivery for orders over $150, and part-subsidised delivery for orders under $150, limited to our current delivery areas as listed on our website.
5. To access your free or discounted delivery offer and apply your FoodSt Member Credit you must first log in to your customer account on FoodSt.
6. We will not refund the delivery charge or credit if you have placed an order without logging in and are charged in full.

7. If you have a positive FoodSt Member Credit at any point of time, that is you don’t spend it at all that month or only spend some of your FoodSt Member Credit, then you can continue to accumulate your FoodSt Member Credit, to spend within 90 days of the date of issue. Credits expire after 90 days.
8. FoodSt Member Credit is not transferable to anyone and may only be used by you as the FoodSt Supper Club Member,
9. FoodSt Member Credit is not redeemable anywhere else but on the FoodSt platform and via your FoodSt account.
10. FoodSt Member Credit can not be converted to cash, refunded, nor cashed out or converted to any other value because FoodSt Member Credit is limited to only being a credit in your FoodSt account.
11. To cancel your FoodSt Supper Club Membership you must log in to your account, select the "Manage Subscriptions" tab and cancel your Membership.
12. When you cancel your FoodSt Supper Club Membership you will no longer have Free delivery and you agree that there are no refunds on FoodSt Supper Club Membership fees or any credit in your FoodSt account.