Meals For Two Delivered

As the saying goes…the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach. 

If you want to set the home dinner table to impress, then it’s time to order homemade meals for two, delivered to you. Whether for a romantic dinner, midweek meal, or a lazy but delicious lunch in your garden, this meal delivery for two is you. 


Meals for 2

Maurice's Moussaka from $19.50
Maurice's Lasagne from $19.50

Delicious Dinners for Two that Impress

Our meal delivery for two at FoodSt is perfect for when you want to impress. Treat someone special to cozy authentic home cooking that makes them reminisce about their time spent with you. 

Cooked by our talented home cooks, our meals for two are then delivered to your door. 

Order and receive your meal delivery for two. Then reheat with the instructions on the label and hide the packaging for delicious authentic home cooking that you could almost pass off as food made in your kitchen! Our food is made with love and eaten with love. 

Cuisine from Across the Globe

Eat and discover new gourmet dishes with your partner or best friend with our 2 portion meal delivery. It’s the perfect way to come across new favourites

Planned night ins sometimes are just more deliciously indulgent than a night out. What makes them even better are traditional home cooked meals from across different cultures. There is just something different about home cooked meals for two delivered to you that are made authentically, compared to what you might find at a food court or restaurant. 

You just know that the flavours and aromas are reminiscent of the comforts of home. 


Perfectly Portioned

Portion control is essential for prepping meals that you can easily finish in one sitting, without the little extra that’s just over what you can (or should) eat for one meal but not quite enough to set aside another. The right portions help prevent snacking or eating excess for weight loss. With FoodSt’s 2 portion meal delivery, prepping meals for two people has never been more simple. Have no leftovers, and leave both people feeling sated. Everything is portioned well for one hearty and satisfying sitting.

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