Image of Beef & Guinness Stew on table with bread
Image of Beef & Guinness Stew on table with bread

Authentic home-cooked meals for Home Care Package (HCP) and NDIS recipients

Now you can get real home cooked meals delivered to your door with FoodSt's ready meal service.

FoodSt prepared meals are made with love and care and to authentic family recipes by our community of local home cooks. We have over 100 meal options from 26 different cuisines, including your classic Roast Beef Dinner, to authentic Indian curries and desserts!

At FoodSt we're passionate about empowering our cooks to share their best meals so you can enjoy wholesome and authentic homemade meals. We work with HCP and NDIS Providers to ensure everyone in our community, including those with a disability or accessing aged care programs, can access home cooking that is culturally relevant to them.

With Home Care Package support you pay only 30% of your order

How it Works

  1. For HCP and CHSP Recipients:
    Register your interest with us through the Registration Form at the bottom of this page. We will coordinate with you and your Case Manager to get you started
  2. Once you're all setup simply pick and choose from our 100+ meals on our website. You only pay 30% of your order!
  3. Head to your cart to checkout and choose your delivery day and time. We deliver across NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD
  4. We will prepare your order and deliver it to your door. Our meals are all pre-made and frozen. Simply heat and eat.

For self managed NDIS recipients:
Simply place your order and leave a note for us at checkout to provide you with an invoice to claim

Let us cook you dinner

Nothing hits as good as a delicious home-cooked meal, and now you don’t have to miss out.

There’s something for everybody with our wide range of cuisines. Select your favourites from Italian, Indian, Chinese, African, South-East Asian, French, British and American cuisines cooked authentically.

If you’re shopping for just yourself or two, you’ll also love our meals for 1 or meals for 2 collections. They’ll give you perfectly sized portion sizes for more ease, for your next tasty meal.

Everything at FoodSt is always cooked with high-quality fresh ingredients, and with no preservatives or additives so that you’re always feeling well after mealtime.

We’ve known ourselves that sometimes it’s just a little too hard to cook nutritional, nourishing meals on a daily basis. But compared to fast food, restaurant takeaway or supermarket ready-made meals, it’s always better. That’s why we’ve created our own mal delivery service across Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane so you can access the best of local home cooking.

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