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Meal Delivery Sydney

Looking for nutritious, home cooked meals made with love, but don’t have the time or energy to put it all together?
Try FoodSt’s Sydney meal delivery.

Through a love of good food, we’ve created a large community of home cooks who are passionate about making good, honest food with quality fresh ingredients and with lots of love. Bringing together a wide range of traditional dishes and desserts from across the globe, as well as recipes discovered on travels and modern twists on old favourite classics. Homemade in their kitchens, freshly frozen with us and delivered to your door.

Eating delicious tasty meals, without preservatives is an important way of life for many families like yours in Sydney.

Also, like you, we’ve struggled with finding healthy takeaway or ready made meals in Sydney supermarkets without the added nasties that make you feel worse later. This is why we’ve paired up with passionate individuals in your local neighbourhood that enjoy and are really good at home cooking.

Now FoodSt has become a marketplace, formed on passion. Providing you with delicious and authentic handmade meals from our cooks’ kitchens to your dining room. Ready for you to reheat and enjoy.

Meet FoodSt Cook Alessandro

We'd love to introduce you to the talented people behind the cooking. Our mission has been to team up with and empower home cooks to share the food, that they just can't stop cooking, with other families in Sydney.

As we have a lot of cooks from different backgrounds on board who enjoy a great range of options. Including plant-based meals for vegatarians and vegans.

Welcome to our kitchen. We're one of the best meal deliveries in Sydney.

Delicious meals! The only meal delivery I'd recommend in Sydney

Sarah - St Ives

It’s fine to take a break from making dinner tonight and let our home cooks do the work with FoodSt’s Sydney meal delivery service. Shop for vegetarian, vegan, healthy balance, organic, gluten-sensitive and dairy sensitive dishes that are tasty and fill your belly.

Now it’s time to shop our collection of our ready made meals in Sydney to find your perfect meal.