Homemade Italian Food Delivered

Eat authentic Italian cooking 'just like how nonnas make it' with Italian meals delivered to your door. Traditionally home-cooked Italian food deeply satisfies the heart and the stomach. You can order lasagne delivered for a lazy Saturday dinner, warm up with rich aromatic Italian meatballs, or feast on Davide's favourite gnocchi. Everything here at FoodSt is cooked with a love and passion for quality ingredients. Eat from recipes passed down from generations, brought to you by talented home cooks.


Italian Menu

Simply Divine, Simply Easy Italian

Italian cuisine is famed for mastering simple ingredients into delicious, nourishing and deeply comforting dishes. From savoury to sweet, you will always find a range of options from our frozen Italian meals to keep you, your family and friends satisfied. There's something for everyone. Tuck into tasty vegetarian options if you are a vegetarian, with vegetarian lasagnas, pesto gnocchi, or spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Then finish the night on a sweet note with decadent tiramisu. Everything you need to create a complete and flavourful evening is right here in our Italian meal delivery marketplace.

It's simple, convenient and delicious. Simply order and select a day for delivery . On arrival of your Italian food, follow the instructions to reheat for a gorgeous lunch or dinner. Of course, you'll also enjoy having these tasty Italian meals on standby in your freezer.

Please Even the Pickiest Eater

It's hard to go wrong with Italian pasta dishes. So, suppose you're feeding kids, someone who doesn't like a 'hot and spicy' dish or any other type of picky eater. In that case, our Italian homemade meal delivery is for you. Get pasta delivered to your door, and host an evening you can count on to please any guest. Whether Napoletana, pesto or carbonara, you can count on these pasta dishes to keep everyone happy and warm on a cold winter's night.

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