Ready-Made Meals Delivered in Canberra

Finish your search for great tasting ready-made meals in Canberra with beautiful home cooking. Made by the hands of home cooks that love to cook!

We’ve grown a growing community gathered around the love of delicious home cooking. Explore all your favourites; old and new, flavours from around the world, and temptingly moreish midweek meals for your next lunch or dinner time. Best of all, they’re all lovingly prepared by local home cooks passionate about good food.

FoodSt empowers talented home cooks. They decide what’s on the menu from healthy meal recipes passed down or discovered in their journeys. Then we deliver to you.

Everything at FoodSt is always cooked with high-quality fresh ingredients, and with no additives so that you’re always feeling well after mealtime.

We’ve known ourselves that sometimes it’s just a little too hard to fit cooking nutritional, nourishing meals into your schedule. But compared to fast food, restaurant takeaway or supermarket ready-made meals, it’s always better. That’s why we’ve created our own Canberra meal delivery on some remarkable home cooks.

If you want to partner with us and our mission for better food, we highly recommend that you become a member.

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Delicious meals! The only meal delivery I'd recommend in Canberra

Sarah - Fyshwick

Meet FoodSt Cook Michelle

FoodSt is built on the back of the passion our home cooks, like Alessandro, have for good food.

We’d love to introduce you to all the talented people cooking up a storm in their home kitchen and let you hear the stories behind the food they love preparing for friends, family and our homemade meal delivery service in Canberra.

1. Select Your Favourites, or Try Something New

There’s something for everybody with our wide range of cuisines.

You can shop by your dietary requirements with our menu filter to select from vegan, vegetarian, organic, dairy sensitive, gluten-sensitive or healthy food options for weight loss.

2. Tell Us Where to Deliver

You can choose a day to receive your home-delivered meals in Canberra onceyou’ve finished choosing your meals.

We’ll send you a text the night before so you can plan around your home delivery’s time of arrival. Read more from our delivery FAQs for more information.

3. It’s time to Heat and Eat!

Once our ready-made meals in Canberra are delivered to your door you’re free to enjoy the food right away. We think it’s the best time to eat them! Simply follow the instructions on the packaging to heat up either in the microwave, over the stove or in the oven.

It’s the perfect way to get ready for mealtime!

Let Us Cook Dinner

Nothing hits as good as a delicious home-cooked meal, and now you don’t have to miss out.

There’s something for everybody with our wide range of cuisines. Select your favourites from Italian, Indian, Chinese, African, South-East Asian, French, British and American cuisines cooked authentically.

If you’re shopping for just yourself or two, you’ll also love our meals for 1 or meals for 2 collections. They’ll give you perfectly sized portion sizes for more ease, for your next tasty meal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver our ready-made meals in Canberra across bothmetro and regional areas. So you can order in Capital Hill, Deakin, Deakin West, Harman, Hmas Harman, Parkes, Russel Yarralmula, Acton, Ainslie, Dickson, Downer, Hackett, Lyneham, O’Connor, Watson, Forrest, Griffith, Manuka, Red Hill, Causeway, Kingston, Narrabundah, Curtin, Garran, Hughes, Chifley, Lyons, O’Malley, Phillip, Woden, and more 

Find out if your postcode is listed, to see if we deliver in your area*.

For Canberra Metro areas, we deliver Monday to Sunday
8am - 6pm (Daytime)

12am - 7am (Overnight)

For Regional ACT, we deliver Wednesday to Saturday 8am - 6pm (Daytime)

*If your area isn’t listed, please to see if we can work something out.

Unfortunately, discounted and free delivery is only limited to members of FoodSt’s Supper Club.

It’s easy to become a member and start enjoying awesome perks like discounted and free delivery, special offers and members’ only gifts! You can put your membership fee towards your purchases, and cancel anytime.

You can choose the delivery day of your Canberra meal delivery, but our busy deliverers can’t commit to a time. If you have concerns you won’t be able to be at home on the day, you can order overnight delivery in Canberra Metro areas to receive your frozen ready made meals between 12 am - 7 am.

Everything’s delivered to your door in insulated packaging to help keep your meals chilled before they get inside.

This is really what makes FoodSt special. We get our meals from passionate home cooks that love what they do in the kitchen.

They decide what’s on the menu, from the delicious food and recipes they make that are their pride and joy. And our staff at FoodSt provide help, training and development to ensure that everything is food and safety compliant, packaged, and delivered well.

What makes FoodSt special is our large community of passionate and talented home cooks. Our over 30 home cooks come from across the globe with traditional recipes that have been passed down and made authentically with love. Along with other fun and flavourful dishes, and healthy balanced menu items created in the kitchen of some of our inventive home cooks.

Everything is truly homemade in small batches to preserve the freshness of our frozen meals. Without any nasties like preservatives or additives that can sometimes be found in commercial pre-prepared meals.

No, but there are so many perks members enjoy!

You can start shopping at our homemade meal marketplace in Canberra right now or sign up to receive free delivery on every order.

Members also get access to members’ only offers, news and free gifts. Most importantly, becoming a member and ordering regularly helps our home cooks factor in more of what the community wants to eat. So more delicious best sellers can go around and be enjoyed by everyone!