Hi, I'm Maurice!

Style: Traditional, rustic and generous
Cuisines: Mediterranean
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor 

My love affair with food and cooking started at the tender age of 8. I just loved watching my mother cook for the family, no matter what the dish or meal, sweet or savoury, breakfast lunch or dinner. I realised very early that I loved to identify the different flavours in each dish and what they brought to the dish and what if anything was lacking or overpowering. I remember feeling so proud that all the recipes that my Mother used were her Mothers recipes. I just love that.

My cooking style can best be described as a combination of old school/traditional, rustic and generous. Forged from my Mediterranean heritage. My philosophy embraces all that my heritage has to offer as well as blending it with new and exciting experimentation . I would say that my techniques are a blend of traditional and modern inspired by my culture, that of simple, wholesome and uncomplicated ingredients. The Chef I love the most would be Jamie Oliver, his cooking is simple, respectful, tasty, inspiring and homely.

I love cooking because I find it incredibly satisfying and comforting. It is such an important part of my life because no other act can keep loved ones and family together and connected.