Gavin's Orecchiette With Basil Kale Pesto & Ricotta (Vg)

This healthy twist on the classic pesto pasta is made out of fresh basil and kale and topped with Paesanella ricotta cheese and an extra sprinkle of toasted pepitas for crunch.

For this recipe, Gavin sautés kale with garlic. He then blends it with freshly picked basil leaves and mixes it through Orrechiette pasta. Finally, the dish is topped with Paesanella Ricotta, toasted pepitas, Grana Padano Parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil.

The result is utterly delicious and makes the perfect lunch or quick dinner!

Enjoy it hot or cold.

Made with ❤️ by Gavin


  • 🍴 Serves one

    Reheating Instructions:

    1. Place pasta into microwave and heat for 4-6 minutes or until warm.

    OR: Defrost pasta overnight and heat for 2-3 minutes or until warm.

    🥖 Best served with: crusty bread

    Ingredients: Pasta (durum wheat flour), kale, basil, pepita (pumpkin seeds), parmesan, garlic, lemon, olive oil, vegetable oil, salt, pepper

    Contains: Milk, Gluten