Hi, I'm Natalie!

Style: Modern
Cuisines: Family Favourites
 Accredited Food Safety Supervisor 

Why do you ❤ cooking?

I am a versatile cook, I love experimenting with new flavours & I've had experience cooking a number of different cuisines from different countries & cultures. I've studied nutrition and sports related nutrition, I love cooking wholesome food but also love to indulge. My latest job for a top Australian food blogger involved recipe development and testing which has given me exposure to multiple styles and facets of cooking. I love cooking Asian food with bold flavours, but also home style family meals & classic favourites. 

I enjoy watching a range of chefs on TV and my current role means that I research a lot of recipes and techniques, taking what I can from each recipe to create something of my own.

I have a husband & two young children who are big foodies and have come to appreciate good quality cooking via my passion for all things food.

How would you describe your cooking style?

I love being hands on in the kitchen, hosting dinner parties and the satisfaction of producing good food. I enjoy the creativity that comes with cooking and being able to experiment and push the boundaries with food & flavours. Food and health are a big part of my lifestyle, I try to cook wholesome food that my family including my two young children enjoy.

What's your story before FoodSt?

I've studied nutrition and sports related nutrition, being a fitness fanatic myself, I see the value in eating wholesome food, but also love to indulge occasionally. I've worked for a local food blogger for the past 4 years, initially as a kitchen hand but have had multiple roles including recipe development and research, recipe testing & managing the social media accounts. Growing up I had multiple jobs in the food industry, as a cook and doing catering which I've always enjoyed.