Hi, I'm Verawaty!

Style: Indonesian Chinese
 Accredited Food Safety Supervisor 

Why do you ❤ cooking?

I am an Indonesian Chinese who lived in Indonesia until my twenties. However, for the past several years, I have been residing in Australia with my Nepalese husband. My cultural background is a blend of Indonesian, Chinese, and Nepalese influences, which has enriched my culinary experiences and shaped my passion for cooking.

When I was a child, I cherished the time spent in the kitchen with my mother as she prepared meals. It was during these moments that we connected, and we created beautiful memories together. Those precious times ignited my love for cooking and exploring the world of flavours.

Cooking is something that I have always loved and I take inspiration from the Indonesian-Chinese cuisine that grew up with to create new recipes of the foods I love. I cook Indonesian, Chinese and also Nepalese cuisine from my husband to add more home cooking menu at home for family.