Nat's Lentil and Chickpea Curry (V)

A creamy lentil and chickpea curry gently simmered with warming spices, finished off with coconut milk. Perfect with a dollop of coconut or natural yogurt and fresh coriander to finish. Whilst trying to eat a couple of meals a week that were meat-free, I've developed this beautiful curry that's perfect to fill tummies, it's high in protein and full of good wholesome ingredients.

Cooked with ❤️ by Natalie
  • Preparation:
    Step 1 - Defrost in microwave or fridge overnight
    Step 2 - Microwave until hot (approx 3mins)

    🥦 This meal is suitable for vegans
    🍙 Best served a crispy fried egg and some rice - get yours here

    Ingredients: Coconut oil, garlic, ginger, onions, carrots, curry powder, turmeric, cayenne pepper, salt, black pepper, dried lentils, coconut milk, crushed tomato, vegetable stock, chickpeas, green beans

Customer Reviews

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Sheryl W.
For me this is the "bomb"

I ordered this dish every time I place a Food St order. Love the flavours, I buy it without rice as I like to eat it just with my other veg. Flavours just tingle in your mouth and I like to taste it while it's heating up!

Deirdre K.
Nat’s Lentil and Chickpea Curry

A tasty nutritious light meal. Thank you

Carly G.
Delicious !

As a single mum to a new baby boy it’s so hard to find time to cook and eat properly. This service is a
Lifesaver and the food is amazing ! I loved
This lentil
Chick pea dish. I’m
Vegetarian but I love
Lentils and the dish was great ! Very filling and doesn’t leave you wanting meat , it’s complete and delicious and we will order again. I couldn’t do better !