About your meals

Hi there,

Welcome to our packaging and portion sizing page.
We've designed this space to help you choose what size and portions your meals will come into.

Important: Please make sure to select a container size you are able to fill just below the top (leaving a small air gap as food sometimes extend when frozen). We rather have a pricier double serving full container than a half filled one.

Meal Sizes

To help you decide on portion sizing:

Person Serving Serving Size (as on Foodst)
1-2 Adults Single Serve
2-3 Adults Double Serve
2 Adults & 2 Children Family Serve

Portion Guide (per serving):

Protein = 150 - 200g 
Total Weight per serve = 300 - 450g

Anything less than these weights are tagged as "LIGHT MEALS"
We weight your meals as they arrive to our warehouse. If your meals aren't filled to the top and/or we realise they are under the portion size we agreed upon, we will contact you and see how we can sort it out before our next food order.

Meal Information

You might find us advertising your meals sometimes in a slightly different wording than you have provided us. Whilst we will put as much information and background around your meal onto the description, we might add more nutritional and allergen information around your meal. 

Meals free of allergens (eg gluten, dairy, nuts, etc..)

This is awesome! But unfortunately we are not able to advertise any of our meals as free of any allergen, this is because to be certified, we would need to guarantee our customers no allergen is within the premises you're cooking within. Instead, we will advertise you meals as Sensitive (e.g. Gluten Sensitive).

Photos & Videos

We love food photos, so much that we've hired a food stylish and photograph to present your meals in the best way possible. We used to welcome your photos but ongoing will look into uniformity for our website and will take care of this for you. You also might be invited to shoot a video about your meal with us.

If you feel something's wrong or missing about your meal, please email cooks@foodst.com.au ay anytime mentioning the name of the meal and what you would like to see edited about it.

Meal Packaging

What packaging do we supply you?

By working with us, we ask you to present your meals into one (or several) of our food container options. Depending on if your meal needs to go into the oven or not, we have two options; reusable plastic containers for microwavable meals and foil for meals that need to go into the oven.

Our plastic food containers come by packs of 50 (including lids).

 Container Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Ideal for Price (by pack of 50)
100ml 7x4.8 (round) Sauces $4
500ml 18.3x12x3.8 (rectangle) Single Serve $10
750ml 18.3x12x4.5 (rectangle) Single or Double Serve $11
1000ml 18.3x12x7 (rectangle) Double or Family Serve $12.5

Our foil trays come by pack of 50 (including lids).

 Tray Size Dimensions (LxWxH) Ideal for Price (by pack of 50)
560ml 18.4x10.6x3.8 Single Serve $6.5
1100ml 22x15.4x4.6 Double Serve $22
2500ml 31.4x25.4x5 Family Serve $41

We will take care of the sleeves for the containers once collected from your place.