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Vicki Cook Image Portrait

Hi, I'm Vicki !

Style: Multicultural and wholesome
Cuisines: Australian classics and good home cooked fare
Accredited Food Safety Supervisor, Covid 19 Infection Control 

I love seasonal produce & feel in Australia we are blessed with all the amazing cultural influences that have made recreating great dishes from all over the world such a delight as authentic ingredients can be found easily.

My Hero's are Maggie Beer & Stephanie Alexander and many many chefs I've been lucky to work with at the Sydney Seafood School. I haven't found a cuisine I don't enjoy finding out about. It is my passion at work or home. 

I have worked and run restaurants but now do most cooking at home for my loved ones and their entourage. I simply can't not cook. I find it to be the most wonderful way to connect to people (& I love people).

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