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Hi, I'm Naga!

Hi, I'm Naga!

Home cooked meals with lots of flavour
★ Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

I consider cooking as one of the ways of expressing our love to others. I feel satisfied even by the pleasing reaction of people enjoying my food. For such a response, I take utmost care in preparing, cooking and serving food.
I consider taste, look and health as the 3 main factors in my cooking. Anything that I cook, be it a meal or snack, will have a nutrition value for that day's diet. In that way I ensure a balanced diet for my Vegetarian family.

I specialise in Indian vegetarian cuisine (both North Indian and South Indian). I enjoy cooking Italian cuisine with a my own twist. Many of my friends' favourites are my baked mac and cheese and roasted red pepper pasta!. I also turn my interests towards Thai and Chinese which is quite tricky for a completely vegetarian cook.

I love cooking, especially for my family and friends. I enjoy when people enjoy my food. Cooking is one of the ways that I know to woo my family, especially my food-loving husband. My daughter who is 10 years old loves eating modern Indian cuisine with a traditional touch. That way, food paves a way to explore the ancient culture as well. Now it is evident how important cooking is to me!

I was a Business Analyst in ICT industry for 6 years. After having 2 kids, I resorted to home and family management alone paving way to explore my passion for cooking!

I am impressed with the thought that FoodSt takes my food to a wider range of people whom I cannot even imagine to reach. A wider range of customers is a main factor for a chef to be accepted. I hope to satisfy as many people as I could through my food cooked with love.


Naga's Banana Pancake Balls (V)
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Naga's Coconut Vegetable Stew (V)
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Naga's Jeera Rice (V)
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Naga's Rice Noodles (V)
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Naga's Rice Noodles (V)


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