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Hi, I'm Kiran!


Style: Heartwarming meals for the whole family, cooked with delicious fresh produce.
Cuisines: Malaysian food with a personal twist and authentic Chinese, Indian & Malay influences.
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

Thank you for your interest in my cooking.

I’ve been passionate about infusing food with a real depth of flavour since childhood. I was born in Brunei then raised in Malaysia so I have vivid memories of days spent intently watching and learning as my Mum prepared family meals in the traditional outdoor kitchen. As you can imagine, food is a huge part of our culture in Malaysia. It’s so much more than nutrition and checking 3 meals a day off the to do list. For us food is family, love, celebrations and community. My Mum was an amazing cook and we lived on a small island with few restaurants, so in a way she had to be. But even when we did go she would always say “I can do it better” - and she could.

Because of the vast range of beautiful, authentic spices we use in Malaysian cooking, like prawn paste and sambal, we traditionally cook outdoors. Even though we do have an indoor kitchen, it’s really just for show. The outdoor kitchen, and more importantly the outdoor fire, are where the magic really happens. Here I can cook with freedom, tossing the wok with joyous abandon, and creating the abundant flavorful feasts Malaysian cooking is so well known for.

These days I’m busy embracing my brand new promotion to Grandmother to Aliya and Kian. They’re just discovering solid foods, so I’m excited to share my Mum’s original recipes - and my personal twist on them - with the next generation of our family. I’m proud to report that they’re big fans of the spices and flavors I use, and have been enjoying my signature tomato turmeric and cumin spare rib dish - one I hope to bring to add to my Food St. menu very soon.

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