Hi, I'm Iris!

Style: Homemade Chinese-Cambodian foods, everything made fresh and from scratch
Cuisines: Cambodian, Chinese, Vietnamese
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor, Covid-19 Infection Control Training

I'm originally from Cambodia.

I love cooking because both of my Grandpas were chefs in the 1950s, grandpa from my father side owned a noodle bar and grandpa from my mother was a wedding function chef. However, when I was a little girl I didn’t know that I truly loved cooking because at the young age of 9 I was responsible for shopping and cooking for my family. As the eldest girl in the family I wanted to help my mum after school and I am so grateful that I could and at least now I know how to cook well. I love cooking now because my kids love eating my foods and their appreciation is so encouraging, and since cooking for FoodSt I love knowing that my customers are also enjoying my food so much. Thank you to all my supporters!