Hi, I'm Sujatha!

Style:  Southern Indian Cuisine
 Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

I was born and raised in the South of India, a vibrant, diverse place where my love for cooking began. In my household food was not just about nourishment, it was about celebrating flavours, memories and stories. From simple soul-warming vegetarian dishes to indulgent non-vegetarian feasts, the dining table was the place for us to gather and enjoy as a family.

My passion for cooking was inspired by my mother who, as a single mum, gracefully juggled work, family, and cooking extraordinary meals. On weekends, she transformed basic ingredients into extraordinary meals, leaving an indelible mark on my palate and heart.

After my Mum passed, cooking became a therapeutic journey for me. Each dish became a homage to her, a way to preserve the memories and flavours of my childhood. I delved into the intricate world of spices, recreating our favourite dishes.

The compliments from my family, noting the echoes of my mum’s recipes in my creations, have become a source of immense joy and fulfilment. Joining FoodSt is not just a professional opportunity for me; it’s a continuation of a legacy, a chance to share the warmth and flavours of my home with a wider audience. I look forward to bringing the same love, authenticity, and homemade goodness to your table.