Hi, I'm Ben!

Food Safety Supervisor Certificate

How did you come to love food and cooking?

My love for cooking started since I was in high school where I discovered my passion for cooking. As well as growing up in a family that appreciate home-cooked meals, my mom made sure to always have a home cooked meal on the table for our family growing up.

How would you describe your cooking style?

My cooking philosophy is that everything has to be fresh and simple, it's all about the produce. The most important thing is to keep the ingredients simple to make it taste good. I am very passionate about food, and above all about Italian and Asian food which became our family favourites. Marco Pierre White has inspired me to focus on simplicity and refinement as part of the essential aspects of any good meal.

Why do you love cooking? Why is it important to you?

I enjoy cooking, creating and serving and most of all I love food. For me being it's not just about being a chef, but it's about enjoying food and enjoying cooking. I love cooking for my family, it gives me a good feeling to be able to nourish my family. We enjoy home-cooked meals so much that we hardly get takeaway meals or going to restaurants.

What was your background before cooking for FoodSt?

My first job was at a bakery at the age of 14 for Bakers Delight. I would work on weekends and on school holidays. I've always enjoyed working in kitchens and share my passion for cooking with others.

Why are you a part of FoodSt?

Being with like-minded food lovers who love cooking gives me a great feeling! FoodSt has created a great community of foodies from all kinds of different cultures which is truly inspiring. I love the idea of sharing authentic home-cooked meals with our community, providing something different from what you normally get from takeaways or on supermarket shelves. And most importantly I don't have to worry about anything else apart of doing what I love the most which is cooking.