Journey to FoodSt

Journey to FoodSt

August 10, 2017 1 Comment

It was a typical weeknight, I was late home from work after picking up the kids from daycare.  As I walked up the stairs to the kitchen I realised that I didn't have anything prepared for dinner.

As I picked up the phone to order takeaway I was filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt. I felt guilty for not being as organised as I should be, for resorting to unhealthy takeaway dinners on a weekly basis; I felt guilty for working and for wanting a career and for not spending enough time with my kids.

Being an ex-chef, and having worked in the medical industry for years, both good food and health are important to me.  By the time my husband walked through the door that night I had worked myself up into a bit of a mess.  I was comparing myself to my mum, acutely aware that by working and having a career that I wasn’t there for my kids in the same way. “Why is it so hard to manage both a career and a family?”.  

Work had been so busy for both of us lately. Sanjay had started a new job and I had been appointed as the lead on a special project. Both of us would scramble out of the door in the mornings taking turns with dropping the kids at daycare, be in endless meetings every day and then rush home to get the kids, feed them, shower them, clean up and pass out. Repeat. Every day except weekends when we would organise the house, social activities, shopping, cleaning etc. ready for Monday and the week to start again. It was just relentless.

"I wonder how other people are managing? We can't be the only ones" he said as he poured me a glass of wine. As we sat down to our takeaway we started thinking about our neighbours sitting down to their dinner. There must be so many great cooks just on our street preparing good home-cooked food, what if we could connect with them?... I wondered. I imagined the tasty meal that the Mexican family across the road were eating and wished that I could offer to buy some of their dinner.

It was this very moment that the idea for FoodSt was sparked. We set about on our almost two-year journey to find a way to bring together time-poor people (like us) with passionate home cooks in our communities. Our mission is to connect people through beautiful home-cooked food and ultimately help everyone live more fulfilling lives.

FoodSt is more than just another handy convenience option. Its about parents knowing that another parent has cooked good food for their children, a single person coming home from work and eating healthily  FoodSt has the ability to take away some of the guilt we carry and break the relentless cycle so many of us are caught in.

Whether you are a time-poor parent like me or perhaps someone caring for a parent, a retiree looking for better food options or just someone who craves good home-cooked food, FoodSt is here to help. Imagine just for a minute a world where communities came together over food, to care and nourish one another like we did in the past. That is what we want to create. 

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clare warner
clare warner

August 11, 2017

Dear Lorraine,
Go you good thing!!!
I knew you were a winner.
Xxx clare

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