Matt's Coq au Vin

"I have always loved cooking French food, as it is very flavour orientated and it takes time. If you don't like butter then look away now!"

Matt marinades chicken thighs and legs in red wine for over 24 hours to create this classic French stew. Paired with mushrooms and pancetta in a rich gravy, this meal is decadent and satisfying. You'll love the buttery soft mashed potatoes that come alongside his Coq au Vin - a complete meal for one!  

Made with ❤️ by Matt 

  • 🍴 This is a complete meal for 1


    1 - Defrost first (either in the microwave or fridge overnight)

    2 - Reheat in the microwave 4-6 minutes or until heated through (our foil containers are microwave safe!)

    🥖 Best served with crusty bread

    Ingredients: chicken, mushrooms, garlic, onion, pancetta, thyme, red wine (sulphites), beef stock, flour (gluten), salt, pepper, potatoes, butter (milk), milk, parsley.

    Contains: sulphite, gluten, milk