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Hi we’re Ameer and Joey, the brothers behind The Bearded Bakers, you might know us for the singing and smooth moves we roll out at our Knafeh Bakery dessert food truck.

Food is a huge part of our history and our culture and we’re proud to add our Mum, Nabila aka Mama Baker, into the mix as we partner with FoodSt to bring you this selection of limited-edition, Middle Eastern inspired dishes, with an Aussie twist.

The first meal of the range is Kibbeh Bseineh. Kibbeh is an emulsification of the freshest minced lamb and bulgur, with essential "seven spices" (baharat).

Our Mum loves Kibbeh Bseineh as it reminds her of her childhood - from watching the wheat farmers preparing the fields for harvest, then running around collecting the wheat and taking it to her grandmother, who would crush it by hand and prepare this dish for them.

The second meal is a creamy vegetarian risotto packed with veggies which we usually have at family gatherings. It's a beautiful vegetarian dish made with great flavours and a dash of LOVE. 


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