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Whether you're a talented home-cook with dreams of following your passions or a professional chef wanting more flexibility... you are welcome at FoodSt! If you cook beautiful food WE WANT YOU! 

At FoodSt we offer our cooks the opportunity to earn income, learn new skills, gain notoriety and be a part of something really important... a community of passionate cooks preserving the skills of home-cooking and helping people eat better!

it's easy to get started

1. Apply to cook via the button above. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply.

2. We'll give you a call within the week to discuss the best on-boarding options

3. Then think through what you would like to cook and we will help you get setup

4. We will work with you to manage your orders and get you selling your food regularly

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Our READY SET COOK on-boarding events are held regularly in the areas we operate. These events are approximately 3-4 hours and are the perfect introduction to the FoodSt Cooks Community.  

At the event you will be required to cook 1-2 of your signature dishes and we will take professional photos for you to upload into your profile. The event also includes a FoodSt apron and everything you need to get started. 

* We only hold events in areas we are operating or plan to launch. 

what about food safety?

We require all of our cooks to hold valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificates. This certificate is issued by registered RTO's and is usually an online course that takes between 3-5 hours with a practical assessment at the end.

FoodSt has proudly partnered with one of Australia's leading Registered Training Organisations - the Australian Institute of Food Safety. 

If you don't have a current certificate we offer the Food Safety Supervisor Certification as part of our READY SET COOK events. Apply to cook to get the ball rolling!

join our community and start cooking!

Portion Sizing Information


As a guide:

Protein per serve = 150 - 200g 
Total Weight per serve = 300 - 400g
Anything less than these weights are tagged as "LIGHT MEALS"

To help you decide on portion sizing:

 1 Adult 1 Serving
2 Adults 2 Servings
2 Adults & 2 Children under 10  3 Servings
2 Adults, 1 Child under 10 and 1 Older Child 3 Servings