Hi, I'm Sue!

Style: Home cooked meals with lots of flavour
Cuisines: Australian classics and good home cooked fare
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor, Covid 19 Infection Control 

I always enjoyed helping out in the kitchen as a young girl and still love experiencing different types of food and flavours and experimenting to create something tasty.

I love how food brings people together, can bring comfort and healing for our bodies and such pleasure to individuals and also crowds.

When it comes to my cooking style I'm much more concerned with flavour in for instance a curry than heat. I love watching the amazing chefs like Heston and even though I don't attempt all he does I'm always learning tips and tricks from paying attention to methods for example his 'how to cook a steak' has been a total game changer in our house. We own a Heston BBQ - the furnace and love it. I also have 3 Thermomixers and use them all the time. I have a Kitchen Aid too. I own plenty of good kitchen ware - it seems I've been collecting it for such a time as this.

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