Nat's Chicken Shawarma Tray Bake

An oven-roasted twist on the classic rotisserie-style shawarma, traditionally sliced and served in pita bread. Succulent chicken marylands have been marinated in a garlicky Middle Eastern spice blend that delivers a gentle kick, perfectly complemented by potatoes, capsicum and red onion.

An effortless meal, simply pop this from frozen into the oven, and you'll be treated to an incredibly flavourful chicken bake. Savour it with a side of rice or enjoy it with pita, a refreshing salad and a dollop of tzatziki or hummus.

Cooked with ❤ by Natalie 

  • Serves 2

    Preparation (Cook from frozen):

    Step 1 - Preheat oven to 180C, remove lid and cover with foil.

    Step 2 - Bake for 60 minutes, remove from oven and baste with the pan juices.

    Step 3 - Return to the oven uncovered and roast a further 45 minutes or until golden.

    🥗 Serve with a salad, rice pilaf or Nat's favourite - pita bread with tzatziki and hummus.

    Ingredients: Free range chicken, red onion, potatoes, red capsicum, garlic, olive oil, cardamom, cumin, cayenne pepper, coriander, paprika, nutmeg, salt, black pepper.