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Hi I'm Hema!

Hi I'm Hema!

Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

How did you come to love food and cooking?

My Amma (mother), aunts, grandmother and mother-in-law all have influenced the way I cook. I follow my Amma’s recipes (well, there’s no measurement to anything…it’s aIways a bit of this and a bit of that ☺) whenever I cook traditional South Indian food.
My mother-in-law’s influence can be seen in some of my dishes. I have grown up eating freshly cooked food everyday. Back home, love is displayed by loading one’s plate with food. Even now when I eat certain foods it transports me back to my childhood.

What's your cooking style?

I love to explore vegetarian and vegan recipes from various cuisines. Apart from Indian which is what I cook on a regular basis, my favourites are Moroccan and Turkish as they are similar to Indian cuisine with the addition of various spices. Although I like to follow the traditional recipes as it’s been passed down to me, I like to add my own twist to certain dishes. I love to experiment with new ingredients such as farro, teff, buckwheat etc. There have been many a times where I have bought an ingredient and then looked for ways to cook it.

Why do you love cooking?

I strongly believe we are what we eat – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I try to include healthy alternatives wherever possible to make sure we get the best out of what we eat. I love to cook for my family and friends. My husband and son are very open to trying anything new and that encourages me to try out new recipes and cuisines.

Why are you a part of FoodSt?

FoodSt is a fantastic concept helping home cooks to showcase their talent. I’ve always wanted to share my South Indian cooking with the wider community and thanks to FoodSt, I have the opportunity to do that now.


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Hema's Sambar (V)
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