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Hi, I'm Elicia !

Hi, I'm Elicia !

Style: Traditional Portuguese desserts like Vovó makes them
Cuisines: Traditional Portuguese desserts
Qualifications: Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

Tell Us About Yourself

I’m an assistant principal teaching year 11 & 12 students at a Sydney CBD school. I love my job very much, and in my spare time I cook traditional Portuguese desserts for friends and family who love them, and for the customers I’ve picked up over the years through my business.

My husband is really supportive of what I’m doing and gets stuck in juicing and zesting oranges for the Bolo de L’Aranja orange cake. 

We’re both foodies who love to travel, and we’re both teachers too, so we get really good holidays and spend them planning trips around food and wine. So far we have great memories of living in and exploring Italy, Dubai, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and of course Portugal.

Next up we’ll be heading back there for 5 weeks over Christmas, our first trip back since getting stranded there when we left China in March 2021. That should have been a short holiday but ended with us relocating back to Australia when I was 22 weeks pregnant. Now I’m really excited for everyone to meet my youngest daughter for the first time, and to meet our new nieces and nephews. Typical of both of us, my husband and I are also equally excited to get over there and feast at our favourite restaurants, as well as checking out new ones we’ve heard great things about.

Tell Us About Your Cooking

I’m Australian born and bred and met my Portuguese husband while living in Portugal. I bonded with his family over food with his Mum teaching me to make traditional savoury Portuguese dishes.

His Grandmother taught me how to make amazing Portuguese desserts like Bolo de L’aranja and Baba de Camelo dulce de leche mousse. I make them now as a way of staying connected with our family overseas, as each dish represents special times we spent together.

My style is to keep it traditional - recently I’ve been playing with adding in new flavours to make these recipes truly unique. I’ve also perfected new ways of presenting them, like the special shape of my orange cake and dehydrated orange garnishes, to make them intriguing for the next generation.


Portuguese Orange Cake "Bolo de Laranja"
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Dulce de leche mousse "Baba de Camelo" (V)
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