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Hi, I'm Alessandro!

Hi, I'm Alessandro!

King of Gnocchis
★ Accredited Food Safety Supervisor

How would you describe your cooking style?
My cooking style is 100% from the heart, it is a combination of everything that I love, Nonna’s traditional Italian recipes with the innovative & forever evolving Modern Australian multicultural-cuisine. I am absolutely fascinated with the diversity of the Australian culinary culture, and my hobby is to continuously experiment and research new flavours that create unforgettable experiences.

Why do you love cooking? Why is it important to you?
Food brings people and cultures together - and my life purpose is to connect and bring happiness into people’s lives. I put 100% of my energy into every single gnocchi that I roll, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the BIG smiles on people’s faces every time they eat my gnocchi. I am so lucky to have the “best job” in the world and bring happiness & luck via my gnocchis to people’s homes.

What was your background before cooking for FoodSt?
I have worked in the food industry since day dot, my first job when studying at university was making traditional Italian pizzas. I moved to Australia to learn English when I was 25, and as I didn't speak the language I used gnocchi and cooking dinner as a way to “communicate” and make friends without speaking English. Every time someone ate my gnocchi, they said it was the Best Gnocchi Ever, and that was the light bulb moment where I decided to become a Gnocchi Chef. I then started a food stand in weekend markets, a few months later I bought a food truck to offer gnocchi at food festivals and now, I’ve started a kitchen to deliver it to people’s homes.
Wanna be luckier? Try my Lucky Gnocchi.

Why are you a part of FoodSt?
It is a global tradition to eat gnocchi every month to bring luck into one’s lives. This is why we have partnered with FoodSt, so that the community of Sydney can have my delicious gnocchi experience in their homes.

Alessandro's Gnocchi Bolognese
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Alessandro's Gnocchi Gorgonzola & Walnut (Vg)
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Alessandro's Gnocchi Napoletana (V)
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Alessandro's Pesto Gnocchi
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Alessandro's Pesto Gnocchi


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