Why Guilt Has No Place in Living the Life We Choose

Societies have long embraced distinct community roles. We each contribute in different ways; this means we don’t all have to be mechanics, we don’t all have to be accountants, and we don’t all have to be cooks (thank goodness!)

And yet, there is a lot of pressure right now to do it all. We’re encouraged to have dazzling careers, enjoy fulfilling relationships, be present for our families and friends, run marathons, take Spanish classes at night and cook beautiful, healthy meals throughout. Some people appear to manage it all, while others of us fall onto the couch at the end of each day and guiltily eat ‘cheat meals’ off our laps while we let the daily stress dissipate. 

But here’s why you can throw that guilt to the side: you don’t need to do it all. The hours in your day are precious, and you are free to choose how you spend them. There are many reasons why you might not have the time, ability or desire to cook for yourself or your family, and each one of them is valid. But this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice having beautiful, home-cooked meals. It’s as simple as reaching out to your community. 

As there have been for thousands of years, there are people out there in your community who have the passion and the time for cooking, and it gives them great pleasure to share their food. So instead of feeling guilty about the struggle to do it all, try embracing the idea that we’re all giving back to the community in valuable ways. Reach out to others and allow them to nourish you. There is simply no such thing as a cheat meal when it comes to home-cooked food; this is about supporting and empowering each other to live the lives we choose.

FoodSt connects passionate home-cooks with time poor households in local communities. For more information head to www.FoodSt.com.au

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