The Best Gifts For New Parents In 2022

The list of gift ideas for new parents could be infinite, especially in 2022 with so many new innovations, but with a little help from the new and veteran parents on the FoodSt team we’ve narrowed it down to three must have items.

Read on for the products that we know first hand will simplify the rollercoaster ride before, during and after the fourth trimester. 

Before The Birth

FoodSt Writer Charlie says don’t get flustered when it comes to packing your hospital bag, stay focused and keep it simple.

“I had a beautifully colour coded, neatly typed birth plan when I went in to have my first daughter and a couple of months later when I finally got around to emptying out my hospital bag I found it still in there, untouched!!” 

The one item in that baby bag she still swears by though is the arnica pillules she took in with her to relieve swelling and bruising.

“I got the tip from another lovely Mum who’d crossed over to the other dude before. e and I knew I’d struck gold when the nurses kept commenting on them and whisking them off to show the other Mums on the ward. BUT they were definitely less complementary about the birth plan.”

At The Hospital

FoodSt Founder Lorraine encourages new parents to take a load off their plates by crossing meals off of the to do list so food and nourishment are easily taken care of when your energy levels may run low. 

“If you’re lucky you’ll have good people around you who will either turn up with food on your doorstep when they come to get that first baby cuddle, or track fpdisn a food delivery service like FoodSt and arrange that for you. But if you don’t, or even if you do because that level of care and attention naturally fades out after the first few weeks or months, then it’s a great idea to get it sorted for yourself.”

Enter the FoodSt New Parent Meal Box, a delightful bundle of joy in the form of delicious meals delivered to new parents’ doorsteps. Jam packed with tasty, nutritious meals that includes 5 double serves of much loved FoodSt bestsellers - and a well deserved sweet treat made with ❤️ by the amazing Maurice.

Each meal requires minimal prep, perfect for new parents who need this kind of nourishment and TLC the most.

Home From The Maternity Ward

FoodSt Cook Michelle is one of the newer Mums at FoodSt HQ so her input is really valuable given how quickly hot tips, tricks and topics trend and then disappear for new parents. Her most recent discovery is the rise of amazing play subscription services that will send you age appropriate toys each month. 

They’re hand picked to deliver toys that are a custom fit for your child’s development, and as any Mum knows this ticks a few key boxes. For one, it’s always a joy to get treats in the post, especially if they’re going to distract your kids and buy you some precious me time.

But even better than that, these are really good for your babe’s cognitive development, nourishing their brain and nurturing their growth. Which means you can allay a little bit of Mum guilt if you’re getting overwhelmed and running out of time to get down on the playmat with them. 

They’re typically for kids aged 0-3 so Mums of toddlers can also get welcome relief when juggling the multiple needs of each child with just two hands. 

We hope you’ve found our tips helpful, if you’d like to add any more come and tell us what you think on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and we’ll update this list as a one stop resource for new parents. 

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