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Vicky's Indonesian Beef Rendang

"This recipe was passed on to me by my friend from Indonesia who visited me many years ago when I first moved to Australia. I always remember her whenever I cooked this Rendang, because it's become the most favourite dish amongst my family & friends."

We couldn't agree more, Vicky's Indonesian Beef Rendang is a labour of love that has produced the most beautiful meal. Beef Rendang is an authentic dish of Indonesia and one of Indonesia's most popular and iconic dishes.

The depth of flavour in this Rendang comes from a complex blend of herbs and spices. The beef is cooked for hours until the meat becomes meltingly tender and all the liquid and flavour is absorbed into the meat, creating a rich & luxurious curry.

Serves 2 (400g)
This is almost all protein, therefore a little goes a long way!

Made with ❤️ by Vicky 

  • Preparation:

    Step 1 - Defrost in microwave or fridge overnight

    Step 2 - Microwave until hot (approx 3-5 mins) 

    🌶 This meal has spice

    🍙 Best served with rice - get yours hereor sliced cucumber & lettuce

    Ingredients: beef, chillies, onion, garlic, candle nuts, galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, coriander powder, cumin, nutmeg, beef powder, salt, brown sugar, shredded coconut, coconut cream, vegetable oil, sweet soy, palm sugar, bay leaves, lime leaves.

    Contains: Nuts, Soy

Customer Reviews

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One of the most authentic Indonesian’s rendang

It is hard to find rendang in Australia that has the most authentic flavour like back home in Indonesia. I tried Vicky’s and surprised that the flavour very close to the one my grandmother used to cook when she was alive.

Deirdre K.
Vicki’s Indonesian Beef Rendang

Fabulous! Will be back for more