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Providing samples

We're excited to try your samples and you have now made it to the sampling stage. Congratulations!

So what's next ?

1. Please complete the online form below.
2. At the end of it, you will see a link to book your pickup time. Please select a Monday for our drivers to coordinate a pickup.

Frequently asked questions.

How many samples?
Please provide 2 samples of each dish you would like us to sample. We will use one to taste and the second one to photograph

How to package my samples?
Hard frozen samples only. For curries and stews you can use plastic containers and for other items you can use ziplock bags. Just as long as it will transport hard frozen and we can remove it easily from the packaging to re-heat.

How to label my samples?
When we sample your meals we are not only testing for taste and quality, but we are also testing how the item reheats to your instructions and holds up to our freezing process. Please include:
1- name of your meal
2- serving size
3- your name

How big should my samples be?
Please ensure that you supply 2 samples large enough to take a good photo. This would be approximately 400-500g per serving for main meals and if it was an individual item eg bread, cupcakes etc at least 3.

Book in a pickup
After completing our sample form, a link will appear to book a pickup time.

What are the next steps?

Well, the next steps are for the team to taste your meals and provide feedback.

We taste test every Tuesday at FoodSt HQ. It's the part we love the most!

We will then provide you with feedback, usually within the same week but sometimes it can be 2. If you haven't heard from us right away please don't worry it might be that we had a lot of meals to test!

We look forward to tasting your meals!

Pictured from left to right: Anna (Warehouse Manager), Michelle (Cooks Community Manager Onboarding), Lorraine (CEO) and Marc (Cooks Community Manager - Operations).


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