Manu & Clarissa Feildel are a powerhouse duo in and out of the kitchen. Their partnership with FoodSt - led by home cook and author Clarissa - reflects their passion for home cooked food. These meals are a symbol of the importance they place in experiencing different cultures, and the joy of telling generational stories by sharing traditional recipes through our meals.

The beauty of FoodSt meals is that they’re made by people who just love food. That’s the spirit each meal is made with and it means love is a key ingredient, along with the home made touch you just don’t get from restaurant food.
~ Manu Feildel

The cooks are here to represent their homeland and their culture so each dish is served with great pride, which is what makes the quality amazing. I’m so happy to be supporting the FoodSt cooks, especially through 2021, and this partnership is really about getting behind them and putting their hard work and great food in front of more and more people.”
~ Clarissa Feildel

Watch them cook up a storm in The Morning Show >WATCH HERE <

* Limited to one of each meal per order

Please note that these meals are personally handmade by Manu and Clarissa (and not mass produced) and as such we have a limited supply.

To be fair and allow as many people to sample these meals, we are limiting sales to one of each meal per order. Each meals feeds 2 people. Thank you for your understanding ☺️