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Who we are

We're a community of foodies and lovers of home cooking. We are mums and dads, grandparents, retired chefs, caterers and aspiring cafe owners. We come from many different countries and all walks of life but the one thing that unites us all is that we cook with love and purpose.

Food St is the place where we all come together. Here, you will find all of our meals, hand picked and curated to suit every taste and cuisine imaginable. Simply pick and choose any of our meals, select your delivery date and Food St will deliver.

"Life is just too short to sweat the small stuff, especially what to cook for dinner"

Our lives have become so busy, with demands of work and family it's hard to find the time to plan, shop, cook and create nutritious meals for our families.

That was the realisation we had when we came up with the FoodSt concept to connect people who love to cook with those that don't have the time.

As time-poor working parents we needed to access healthier, nourishing food options that didn't break the bank.

FoodSt empowers authentic home cooks to earn an income doing what they love, leveraging the latent skills in our local community to provide nutritious, healthy and delicious meals for people that are time poor or can't cook for themselves.


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