Meeting Simmone Logue

Last night I attended a fantastic event hosted by Females in Food at the brand new rooftop Zephyr bar. Wow! What a fantastic event... surrounded by the absolute movers and shakers in the food industry, great location and fantastic speakers.

As an entrepreneur I know that making great connections and being part of a community is crucially important.  I am so passionate about my own business but also about setting a great example and inspiring other women to follow their dreams. Its so competitive out there and its no secret that we need more women to succeed, more women in leadership positions! I believe that one thing that can help is building a community around us and using the power of that community to propel us all forward together.

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of meeting one of my heroes from way back when I was an apprentice chef with grand ambitions, Simmone Logue.  Simmone setup and established her business baking pies and cakes from humble beginnings in her home kitchen to now running a $10 million business with her pies and cakes in Woolworths and Qantas. Amazing story!

Last night Simmone said that her success was a result of sheer tenacity, great support from surrounding herself with the right people and an unwavering belief that her business was going to be "huge".  I share these visions for FoodSt! Under a year in to our business I firmly, whole heartedly know that our business will have a positive effect on so many peoples lives... and I just know it is going to be huge.  

So, my advice to any new entrepreneur... get connected and keep networking!  Build your community, its so important! You just don't know where and who will inspire you on your journey. And if you are a female in the food industry, check out an amazing group that gives a sense of empowerment and community to women in Food Business.


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