Top Tips For Ski Trips


If you’re headed to Perisher or Thredbo for the snow this season, or planning to tick tthem off the bucket list during the next one, here are some top tips from the FoodSt team.

 Pack Gear That Fits

There are going to be a few key areas to focus on when you hit the slopes and how your pants fit should not be one of them. FYI they should generally belonger than your normal day-to-day trousers or jeans so they can cover your ski boots.

Our ski loving friends suggest buying bigger in general and aiming for a length that is about 4-5 inches longer than usual. They also recommend  this shop as a great place to start.

Know Your Limits

Start slow on easy runs and be gentle with yourself. Even if you're an expert skier, it's important to be aware of what you can and cannot do.

Get A Season Ski Pass

It’s the cost effective way to get unlimited access to the resorts and slopes you love. We hear Perisher’s Epic Australia Pass ticks all the boxes and it connects Perisher with places like Whistler and Japan so you can ski worldwide all on the one pass. see FoodSt in action at Perisher here 🍴

Bring Your Ugg Boots

Pro tip because thermals, hats and socks are great but if you want that real smug “you can’t touch this” level of comfort après-ski: bring your uggies.

Really Refuel 

Fill up on hearty nutritious meals between ski runs - and if you’re traveling with fussy eaters, come prepared. Meal boxes are great for road trips likes this: something for everyone, neatly packaged in an easy to transport box. Plus they ensure tasty, healthy, good quality meals without having to indulge in take aways or uber eats.

Healthy Treats

Fill your pockets with energising treats too, because skiing is a full on physical work out and there’s not a lot of choice to shop from at the top of the mountain.

Tread Lightly

By this we mean consider your impact on the environment, not some viral new TikTok ski move!! Less waste is probably one of the easiest ways to make effective changes here, so we recommend stocking up on zero waste accessories like Earth Ninja ethically made collapsible travel cutlery

Wear Sunscreen

*In our best Baz Luhrmann voice* "…so obvious when you’re headed to the sun, and equally as vital when heading to the snow. UV levels can actually be more intense at the snow because the atmosphere is thinner at high altitude, and on a sunny day, clean fresh snow can reflect up to 90% of UV radiation.

And while we’re on the subject make sure your eye protection meets Australian Standard AS:1067.

Wishing you a fun, perfectly planned, prepped and packed trip to the snow 🎿

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