Persian Saffron Chicken with Barberry Rice

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Otherwise known as Zereshk Pollo with Saffron Chicken.  This is a very popular and respected Iranian dish usually cooked for celebrations or special weekend family dinners. Chicken breast and capsicums are cooked in a sweet and sour saffron sauce that is then served with steamed basmati rice topped with wild barberries.   You won't be able to stop eating it! Made with real saffron and barberries which  boast an array of health benefits. 

About Your Cook, Paulette (Belrose)

Hi I'm Paulette, I have a passion for art which I have incorporated in my love for cooking for over 40 years. I make a versatile range of dishes and enjoy preparing meals which are both healthy and delicious. What people don't know is that Persian cooking is based upon a system of balancing ingredients for optimal health...It’s satisfying and exciting for me when people enjoy my cooking.