Morish & Healthy Seed Crackers

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These yummy, healthy and morish seed crackers are the perfect snack and nibble food. Mixed seeds, polenta and some healthy EV olive oil mixed together, they are then thinned out and baked until crisp! They are the perfect and healthy snack for anytime of the day and great for lunch. Serve as is or even better for dipping in hommus or guacamole (or your favourite dip), topped with tuna or salmon, or serve simply with cheese, the list is endless. Crackers have no added gluten. *Although no gluten products have been used in the preparation of this dish we cant guarantee it is completely gluten free.

About your Cook, Kate from Elanora Heights

My love and passion for food plays a large role in my life. I have been working as a home economist for the past 10 years for a well known Australian weekly magazine and their cookbooks, as a recipe developer and writer. I love travelling abroad and all over Australia where I can immerse myself in their regions, culture and their particularly their food. I LOVE cooking all types of cuisines but I particularly enjoy cooking recipes to suit certain modern day diets. I also enjoy cooking meals, especially street-style food, from across Asia and the Middle East. I look forward to sharing some of these favourites with you and bringing them to your table.

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These are a perfect healthy snack!

Love these!

You can tell a lot of effort goes into making these. They are so delish!

You've recently bought Morish Healthy Bird Seed Crackers

These low carb crackers are fantastic with hommus, guacamole etc A real party pleaser!

Portion Sizing Information


As a guide:

Protein per serve = 150 - 200g 
Total Weight per serve = 300 - 400g
Anything less than these weights are tagged as "LIGHT MEALS"

To help you decide on portion sizing:

 1 Adult 1 Serving
2 Adults 2 Servings
2 Adults & 2 Children under 10  3 Servings
2 Adults, 1 Child under 10 and 1 Older Child 3 Servings