Mango Sticky Rice

If you ever been to Cambodia or Thailand. You may have seen Mango Sticky Rice. This is a dessert that blows our mind. It's just very yummy. I have learned to make this from a few other people and finally make my own recipes . I never stop eating every time I made it. 
Ingredients: Mango, Sticky Rice, Coconut cream, Sugar, salt, Mung Bean, Corn Starch 
Contains: Tree nuts

About your cook, Iris

Hi, I'm Iris. I'm originally from Cambodia. My first memory of connecting with food was when I was little and my mum was always busy in her shop, so she left the house work and cooking to me. As the eldest child in the family, I had to learn to cook and did the shopping as guided by mum. I remember I learnt to cook my first curry chicken when I was just 12 years old. At first, I wasn't sure that I loved cooking because it was like a duty to me. Cooking really inspired me when I had my own kids. I'm a mum of three and my husband and kids love my food, this has inspired me the most and allows me to learn more about different foods and always cook with love. 

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Mango sticky rice

We all loved it on the desert platter for xmas day

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