Gozleme (Vg)

Gozleme is a traditional Turkish flatbread that can be filled with an assortment of fillings. When you cook your gozleme in a pan it is crunchy on the outside and irresistibly delicious on the inside!

Cooked with ❤️ by Pia

  • 🍴 1x Gozleme per serving (250g)

    Step 1 - Defrost Overnight
    Step 2 - Add a tablespoon of Olive Oil in a Pan
    Step 3 - Pan Heat 4mins each side

    🥗 Best served with a crisp salad

    Spinach & Cheese: flour, salt, water, spinach, cheese, onion, salt, seasoning.
    Beef & Cheese: flour, salt, water, beef, cheese, onion, seasoning

    Contains: Gluten from wheat products, Milk and Milk products

Customer Reviews

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Easy to prepare

We bought 1 spinach and 1 beef, which made a nice easy light dinner for our family of 4.

Very nice

Found the serving just enough for one or a snack for 2. Prefer the Spanakopita for value and size.


As with all the meals/items I have ordered so far, I cannot fault the taste. Really very yummy.
However, they really need to change the serves 1-2 people. To this size serves 1 person, generously. I know we should all cut back on our portion sizes and I agree we should.
But, I only ordered the smaller size and my mum who is 97 does not eat much. Doesn't stretch to two people!

Hi Linda, I am sorry you are not finding the sizes adequate. It is really hard to capture as everyone has different views on sizing. We try to be as descriptive as possible on our website to help with this for example we add weights where we can, or in this case it says medium size gozleme. The guidelines for FoodSt cooks is that protein in the dish should be between 150-200g per person and 300 - 400g in total weight. These guidelines are bigger than most other food companies who usually offer 100-150g protein per serve. If it is less than the 150-200g protein then that meal is tagged as a 'light meal' which you can see below the meal as a tag. I am sorry this didnt delight you, we value your feedback and will think of more ways to describe the meal size so that our customers do not feel disappointed, thank you again. Lorraine

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