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Chunky Tomato Soup

The hearty soup is based on my Dutch mother's tomato soup of which I have very fond memories. Made with rich broth of slow-simmered chuck beef and shins, vegetables and herbs; the aroma used to fill the house when she had a big pot on the simmer, often when we expected family and friends at birthday parties or other occasions. Served with fresh crusty bread and butter, it was the perfect dish to feed a hungry mob.

Cooked with ❤ by Andre
  • Preparation:

    Step 1 - Defrost in your fridge overnight
    Step 2 - Reheat in microwave for (2-3 minutes)

    💡 This soup is also surprisingly refreshing if served at room cold/room temperature
    🥖 Best served with crusty bread and butter

    Ingredients: Beef, Smoked pork belly (speck),Onion, Capsicum, Leek, Tomatoes, Cherry, Tomato Puree,Olive oil,Assorted herbs,Water.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Hughes
Awesome soup

This was great flavour, enjoyed the texture and the extra meaty bits too.


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