Butter Chicken with Steamed Basmati Rice


No short-cuts have been taken to bring you the popular Butter Chicken dish. No less than 15 ingredients make up the Tandoori paste which is used to marinate the free-range chicken thighs, which are then grilled to succulence. The 14-ingredient sauce brings a spicy and not too sweet complexity to the flavour of this dish. My kids often beg for this dish and they bravely take on the medium-spice levels ... With a glass of milk nearby of course! Feel free to request a Mild version though. TIP: order a larger batch and freeze half of it, as it reheats well. 

Contains: Milk and Milk Products

About Your Cook, Melinda (Ingleside)

Hi, I'm Melinda and I'm all about bringing you SOLACE...
Organic (& homegrown onsite where possible)
Locally-sourced (reduce food miles & increase freshness)
Artisan (& mostly Asian-inspired)
Clean-eating (real food, no junk) comfort-food that is
Ethically-sourced (free range, fairtrade & sustainability are important).

I've drawn upon my Chinese-Malaysian heritage to bring you food that my family and I love to eat and cook.

NB: I place a high priority on food safety and the welfare of my customers. I am a certified Food Safety Supervisor (Cert no R0107537).