Braised Bean Curd with Vegetables and Steamed Rice


Tofu will never be accused of being bland again! This dish has converted many hardcore carnivores and children (including my own) to the delights of tofu and veges. I love the "meaty" juiciness of the Organic bean curd (tofu) cubes, which after shallow-frying, soaks up the delicious braising liquid. The plump shiitake mushrooms complement the sweetness of the carrots and baby corn spears. Boiled rice is the perfect accompaniment to this dish to soak up the umami-joy of the braising liquid. This is not just comfort food for vegans and vegetarians, it's mouth-watering food for all!

Contains: Gluten from Soy Sauce (and sesame oil unless asked to omit). 

About Your Cook, Melinda (Ingleside)

Hi, I'm Melinda and I'm all about bringing you SOLACE...
Organic (& homegrown onsite where possible)
Locally-sourced (reduce food miles & increase freshness)
Artisan (& mostly Asian-inspired)
Clean-eating (real food, no junk) comfort-food that is
Ethically-sourced (free range, fairtrade & sustainability are important).

I've drawn upon my Chinese-Malaysian heritage to bring you food that my family and I love to eat and cook.

NB: I place a high priority on food safety and the welfare of my customers. I am a certified Food Safety Supervisor (Cert no R0107537).