our commitment

We value Food Safety as one of the most important aspects of running our business and a key factor in our sustainability in the long term.  From the very beginning we have worked in collaboration with the NSW Food Authority, Independent Consultants and Local Councils to build a business that is low risk and safe for both our customers and our cooks. 


1. Our Cooks are ALL Accredited Food Safety Supervisors
It is a requirement of our platform that all cooks hold a valid Food Safety Supervisor Certificate that is recognised by the NSW Food Authority. This Certificate is the same accreditation that a Supervisor of Food Safety within a commercial kitchen has! Yes its the highest form of certification you can get.
We've partnered with the Australian Institute of Food Safety, one of the premier Registered Training Organisations in Australia to offer these courses to our Cooks. 

2. FoodSt has been Reviewed and Approved by the NSW Food Authority
We're very proud of the fact that we have worked in collaboration with our State Regulator. 
Our discussions began in 2015 even before we built our system. This early engagement meant that we could build our entire process and system around the advice provided by the Food Authority and our lawyers and ensured that we would develop a business that was compliant with Food Safety Regulation.  As such FoodSt has been built to comply with the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ) and we have processes and systems in place to monitor food safety compliance.

3. We Provide Public Liability Insurance to all of our Cooks
We believe in our cooks and their ability to cook beautiful and safe food in their homes.  We give our cooks peace of mind so they can get on with creating their beautiful meals.